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Angel Oberoi, President and Founder

Graphic Novel on the life of Abraham Lincoln Launched

 Belmont, CA – February 1, 2004 – Gossamer Books LLC today announced the release of its graphic novel ‘Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President'. Graphic novels have recently received wide acclaim, with over 20% growth in revenue in 2002 and over 50% in 2001. ‘Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President ' takes this genre and maps it to school curriculum, with its historically accurate depiction of events and realistic characters, and over 600 hand-drawn color illustrations.

Angel Oberoi, President, and founder of Gossamer Books LLC commented, "School children today are overburdened with assignments and heavy reading requirements. We have tried to bring the life of President Lincoln and Civil War alive through the graphic novel format, which is visually appealing, and in a fully colored format which makes reading fun for kids. Parents will appreciate the book since it teaches children history in an entertaining manner and is mapped to US educational standards."

This graphic novel weaves together the most dramatic scenes of the Civil war, from the Underground Railroad, key battles, to the Gettysburg Address and the destruction of the South. Yet, it also explores lesser-known stories such as the role of women on the battlefield, and even the frenzy of pet goats in the White House. Above all, the story gives the reader a unique view of President Lincoln as a person. His early years, his relationship with his son Tad, his personal struggle with the issue of slavery, and his enduring sense of humor give the reader a new perspective of the human being behind the American Icon.

Robert Henry, History Professor at the Skyline Community College commented, “Lincoln’s commitment to family, friends, social justice, and above all else, the preservation of the nation, emanate from Gossamer Book’s colorful illustrations and vivid story telling”.

About Gossamer Books LLC

A small privately-held publisher of high quality graphic novels, Gossamer Books is passionate about the importance of history and believes that learning history should be fun for all ages.

Founded in 2003, in Belmont, CA, Gossamer Books LLC promotes an entertaining approach towards teaching US history to upper elementary and middle school students. Each book is carefully mapped to local and US Department of Education’s national standards for teaching American history, and is painstakingly researched to create an accurate account of the hardships and triumphs of the era. Gossamer Books can be found on the web at


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