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Pages: 46
Illustrations: 500+ (Color)
Price: $15.95 (Paperback)
ISBN: 0-9742502-0-1 (soft cover)
By Ginger Turner, Illustrated by Saral Tiwari

The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln had one of the greatest impacts on American society in the history of the United States. In this delightful and heartwarming illustrated novel, the story of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War comes to life, making the learning experience more enjoyable than ever before.

This graphic novel weaves together the most dramatic scenes of the Civil war, from the Underground Railroad, key battles, to the Gettysburg Address and the destruction of the South. Yet, it also explores lesser-known stories such as the role of women on the battlefield, and even the frenzy of pet goats in the White House. Above all, the story gives the reader a unique view of President Lincoln as a person. His early years, his relationship with his son Tad, his personal struggle with the issue of slavery, and his enduring sense of humor give the reader a new perspective of the human being behind the American Icon.

Important topics covered include:
o Lincoln’s path to the Presidency o Battle of Gettysburg o Emancipation Proclamation o The Underground Railroad o Battle of Antietam o Women in the battlefield o Burning of Richmond o Assassination of President Lincoln



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