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Angel Oberoi, President and Founder

A Gold Mine for all: New Educational Graphic Novel from Gossamer Books LLC.

 Gossamer Books LLC announces the release of their educational graphic novel, “Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story” (ISBN: 0-9742502-3-6) in March 2005. The novel follows Charlie and Alice, two idealistic young 49ers, and their faithful mule Nugget who journey west to the new land of opportunity and discover that striking gold may not be as easy as they thought. With a vast majority of librarians acknowledging the role of graphic novel genre in inspiring a love of reading in grade-schoolers and adults alike, this novel is a step forward in that direction.

“Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story”, written by critically acclaimed author Ginger Turner, illustrates Charlie and Alice’s journey to the west in search of a gold mine and their encounters with some of the most colorful and inspiring figures in California history who come together in a sequence of humorous and surprising twists. Meanwhile, as the California wilderness is transformed, so is Charlie, when he discovers that the greatest secret to success might be sitting right under his nose.

Based on real personal accounts and diaries, Gold Mine's beautifully hand-drawn frames show the history of Gold Rush-from the first discovery of gold, to the state constitutional convention, to the boisterous life of the vigilant mining towns-through the eyes of the men and women who lived it.    

The educational graphic novel is carefully mapped to the U.S. Department of Education’s national standards for teaching U.S. History. It is painstakingly researched to create an accurate account of the events and incidents as they occurred in history to generate interest of grade-schoolers in key historical themes specified by national and state educational guidelines. It can be a useful resource for librarians and K-12 educational levels.

Gossamer Books has also released highly interactive and educative lesson plans based on “Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story” that can be downloaded free of cost from their official website

Angel Oberoi, President, and founder of Gossamer Books LLC commented, "This is a continuing endeavor on the part of Gossamer Books to provide grade schoolers with historically accurate version of US history through beautifully drawn illustrations in the graphic novel format. It will inspire kids to be creative and interested in reading. The librarian and the teachers will find the graphic novel to be a very useful addition to their libraries and classroom supplements. We also provide highly interactive lesson plans based on this educational graphic novel that can be used in the classrooms.”

Publishers Weekly in its review of this graphic novel recognized Gossamer Book's effort for taking “historical events and facts and turns them into entertaining tales.”

The novel can be ordered from Baker & Taylor, BWI, and Brodart.

About Gossamer Books LLC
A small privately-held publisher of high quality graphic novels, Gossamer Books is passionate about the importance of history. Founded in 2003, in Belmont, CA, Gossamer Books LLC promotes an entertaining approach towards teaching US history to upper elementary and middle school students. Each book is carefully mapped to local and US Department of Education’s national standards for teaching American history, and is painstakingly researched to create an accurate account of the hardships and triumphs of the era.



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