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Angel Oberoi, President and Founder

Gossamer Books LLC Completes First Eventful Year of Producing Educational Graphic Novels

Gossamer Books LLC sends all its readers warm holiday greetings. “Our first year in business was very encouraging and productive in our endeavor to promote educational graphic novels as an entertaining approach towards teaching US history to upper elementary and middle school students”, remarks Angel Oberoi, Founder and President of Gossamer Books LLC .

Some of the key accomplishments in promoting Gossamer Books educational graphic novels included:

1. Critical acclaim for “Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President(Turner, Ginger. ISBN 0-9742502-0-1)
The educational graphic novel “Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President” received critical acclaim from Publishers Weekly, who reviewed the graphic novel as “superb introduction to Lincoln’s presidency for grade-schoolers.” Larry Gonick, winner of the 2003 Harvey Award commended the book as being “engagingly written, and beautifully produced.” Jim Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review called this graphic novel as “an ideal addition to family, school, and community library American Biography collections!”.

 2. Strong interest for Gossamer Books educational graphic novels in the education and library sciences field.
Gossamer Books first educational graphic novel “Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President” has attracted strong interest from researchers in the education and library sciences field. The novel was the subject of research in a case study in the recently concluded conference on graphic novels in University of Florida. In Northern Illinois University at DeKalb, Gossamer Books LLC is working with faculty in ETRA department to conduct research studies on the impact of using educational graphic novels as supplements in the grade-school curriculum. This study aims to validate the premise that the use of educational graphic novels as a part of K-12 grade-school curriculum makes a significant contribution to learning and the teaching processes in schools.

 3. Three additional graphic novels prepared for launch in 2005.
As a result of the encouraging response shown by the libraries and grade schools, Gossamer Books is releasing three additional educational graphic novels in 2005. They are "Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story" (ISBN: 0-9742502-3-6), "Pacific Bound: The Adventures of Lewis & Clark" (ISBN 0-9742502-5-2), and "Thirteen Americas: The Declaration of Independence". All three graphic novels deal with important events in the history of America that the grade-schoolers and adults alike will enjoy reading.

 4. Free Lesson Plans for Educators.
Gossamer Books has also released some highly interactive and interesting lesson plans based on their already published educational graphic novels. The draft versions of these lesson plans can be downloaded free from Gossamer Books’ official website at

 According to Angel Oberoi, “Gossamer Books is committed to the cause of providing quality educational material to be used in the classrooms, and their innovative and interesting lesson plans are surely going to be beneficial for the student community.”

 About Gossamer Books LLC
A small privately-held publisher of high quality graphic novels, Gossamer Books ( is passionate about the importance of history. Founded in 2003, in Belmont, CA, Gossamer Books LLC promotes an entertaining approach towards teaching US history to upper elementary and middle school students. Each book is carefully mapped to local and US Department of Education’s national standards for teaching American history, and is painstakingly researched to create an accurate account of the hardships and triumphs of the era.  



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