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Angel Oberoi, President and Founder

Publishers Weekly Acclaims Gossamer Book’s Educational Graphic Novel!
“ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The Civil War President” recognized as a superb introduction to Lincoln’s Presidency.

 Belmont, CA – March 14, 2004: Publishers Weekly reviewed “Abraham Lincoln:  The Civil War President” in its March 1 magazine issue, praising Gossamer Books’ latest educational graphic novel as a “superb” introduction to the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln for grade-schoolers, presenting an ensemble cast of historical figures in a storyline that touches children, parents, and teachers alike.

 Publishers Weekly recognized the educational graphic novel from Gossamer Books ( as going beyond the scope of the title to create a panorama of the country during the Civil War. PW also noted and highlighted the authors, Ginger Turner and Saral Tiwari’s ability to entertain without sacrificing historical integrity.  As the review asserted, the book conveys “a simple but epic grandeur” and persuasively shows “Lincoln’s genuine goodness without sentimentality.”   

Angel Oberoi, President of Gossamer Books LLC commented, “Publishers Weekly is one of the leading news and review magazines in the book industry, and we are very happy that they recognized our efforts in developing quality educational graphic novels.“

 Fourth and fifth grade teachers like Sarah Lahey at Roosevelt Elementary School are finding the graphic novel highly useful and engaging in the classroom, for getting students interested in reading and learning history. To celebrate President’s Day, Lahey’s fifth grade class met with the author, Ginger Turner and performed scenes from the script and also wrote their own creative for some of the scenes.

 “The best part is seeing the student faces light up on reading the graphic novel, and experience a personal connection with Abraham Lincoln and his time in history,” commented Ginger Turner, the author.  “That’s why we’re seeing libraries and teachers incorporate the book as a teaching supplement in their libraries and classes—it takes history education a step farther by bringing out the human connection and presenting history in a very fun, interesting visual format.“   

 Pam Patek, Literacy Coordinator for Project Read in Redwood City Main Library agrees, “The history woven in an interesting graphic novel format is very accessible and child friendly; it is especially great for children who need a multi-sensory teaching approach. The visual colors, illustrations, and the format make it very appealing as a teaching supplement”

 No wonder PW proclaims the book “a superb introduction to Lincoln’s presidency for grade-schoolers…[that] parents and teachers should find touching as well.”

 “Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President” is being distributed by Brodart, BWI, Baker & Taylor, and is available online at or at the Gossamer Books website. More details on the review and the graphic novel can be found on the web at

 About Gossamer Books LLC
A small privately-held publisher of high quality graphic novels, Gossamer Books is passionate about the importance of history and believes that learning history should be fun for all ages.

Gossamer Books promotes an entertaining approach towards teaching US history to upper elementary and middle school students. Each book is carefully mapped to local and national US Department of Education’s standards for American history, and is painstakingly researched to create an accurate account of the hardships and triumphs of the era. Gossamer Books can be found on the web at


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